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Benefits of Hiring A Mover Company

Should you hire a moving company in Singapore and pay professional house movers for their house moving services? Moving house is stressful. Change is always disconcerting. But anyone that has ever moved houses will tell that it is one of the most distressing experiences you will ever encounter. If you are fortunate enough to secure a comfortable place in Singapore to stay, you have to worry about transporting your valuables from your old home to your new home.

If you have a car, you can perform this task yourself. Of course, if you’re like most people, it will probably take you a few trips to get all your valuables to your new home. Then again, anyone can drive a few toasters and cushions and utensils across the country.

What about the heavier furniture? Is your car large enough to accommodate your couch? What about your bed? Where do you intend to fit it? The modern home has too much junk for you to carry on your own. This is why selecting a trustworthy and reliable house mover company is important.

A good mover company can take all the hassle out of moving. Of course, that assumes that you have what it takes to identify the right moving company.

How Can You Identify the Best House Moving Service in Singapore?

This is the one question that everyone who needs to move houses asks. And in truth, there is no definitive answer. Regardless of who you choose, you need to realize that you are taking a gamble. Plenty of companies appear legitimate in the beginning only to let you down later on.

You have to accept that, no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong. However, you can increase your chances of selecting the best house movers in Singapore by keeping the following factors in mind:

1). Look at the Reputation of the Moving Company

You can’t start anywhere else. When a moving company does a good job, people tend to talk about it. They will tell their friends, family, and co-workers. However, when a company does a bad job, people will also talk about it. They will litter the internet with every bad review they can muster the strength to write.

If a moving service has piqued your interest, perform a basic Google search. This will show you the kind of reputation the firm in question has. All the extreme reactions it has attracted over the years, both negative and positive, will rise to the surface.

This brief glimpse isn’t enough to prove that a company is legitimate. But it is enough to determine whether you should investigate the house moving services further or ignore it. If a company seems to have an unusually high number of negative reviews, you are encouraged to cross it off your list of candidates.

2). Consider the Experience of the Mover Company

Once you have used the reputation to narrow your options, consider the experience. For you to trust a mover company with all your valuables, you need to know that they have spent several years in the business. It seems almost unfair to reject certain mover simply because they are too young.

But the age of a mover company can tell you volumes about its expertise. Yes, some younger, less experienced moving services have the capacity to surprise you by delivering top-notch services. But why should you take such a risk? There is no rational reason to trust your assets to an inexperienced mover unless they have garnered a strong reputation in a relatively short period of time.

3). Look for the License of the House Movers

When people think of moving companies in Singapore, they imagine large men in overalls lifting furniture and loading it on trucks. This compels them to conclude that house movers are probably informal make-shift businesses operating outside the formal corporate arena.

However, there is a big difference between a legit moving company and a gathering of casual laborers. It is well within your rights to hire a handful of random muscular individuals to carry your valuables from your house into a truck your rented.

But do not confuse them for a moving company. A house moving service is a real business. As such, it has an actual license. The presence of that license means that, as a company, it is regulated by government organizations that can hold it accountable if it ever defrauds you.

Make sure that you only hire licensed house movers. This is the only way to avoid scammers.

4). What are their House Moving Services Rates?

You can always judge a mover company’s legitimacy by the fees it charges. Decent house moving service is not egregiously expensive. If a moving company cannot justify the prices it has attached to its services, it is probably defrauding you.

On the other hand, a mover’s prices shouldn’t be extraordinarily cheap. Decent house movers employ experienced personnel. They also use reliable equipment to store and transport your assets. This costs money. If a moving company Singapore is too cheap, you probably can’t trust it to transport your items safely and securely.

Why Anytime Movers Singapore is your Best Choice?

Singapore House Movers Team

We have a big pool of repeat customers and that shows that customers have high confidence in our moving services. With so many mover companies in Singapore offering cheap moving services, why should you trust us above our competitors?

Here are the reasons why you could work with us:

1). Easy to work with & trustworthy movers.

Our team of competent house movers are uniformed, always on time, honest, efficient, careful, courteous and helpful. They are highly experienced and trained to handle all types of moves. And we will waste no moments and are laser focused in making sure a safe, reliable and fuss-free moving.

2). Careful & reliable movers that truly care.

We have a strong reputation for treating your house items and valuables with much care. Rest assured that our movers value your assets and transport them safely to your new home. Our mission is to keep your things safe and clean. We will protect your belongings with high quality protective materials to prevent potential damages during the move.

Our goal is to show you we really are the Anytime Movers Who Care.

3). Fast response.

After receiving your SMS/whatsapp messages or enquiry online, we strive to respond to you within 15 minutes.  We are happy to answer any question that you have before, during and even after the move!

Our house moving services are hassle-free. There is no unnecessary bureaucracy. We try to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. We understand that moving houses is stressful and we have no interest in making your life more difficult.

4). Our moving rates are highly competitive and affordable.

No surcharge on public holidays or weekends: Our moving rates are highly competitive and affordable. We offer a flat-rate regardless if your house moving falls on a public holiday or normal weekdays.

Transparent pricing: You will receive our itemized quotes and know clearly in advance what you will be paying so there will be NO surprises at the end of your house move with a shocking big bill with hidden charge.

Free packing materials: We believe moving shouldn’t be stressful so why get stressed over packing materials?!? Unlike other movers in Singapore that charge you extra for the packing boxes and other packing materials, we offer them FREE to keep your moving cost low and affordable!

House Moving Services Include Packing Material
House Moving - Free Boxes

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